The greatest innovation for hand honing: the Universal Flexible Diamond Coated grinding wheel! This tool is made of a diamond coated steel spiral embedded in a flexible elastic support. It can be used with your hand grinder on any kind of material without the usual troublesome vibrations.

This innovative grinding wheel can successfully replace every abrasive product used on electric power tools available today and it provides a longer life-time versus standard diamond cup wheels and other abrasive wheels

The three different grits make it ideal for jobs ranging from thinset and mortar removal to fine finishing on ceramics and glass.


A professional tool recommended for consistent stock removal. Using the correct speed,
it is extremely effective on rubber, concrete and wherever much removal is necessary.
Recommended speed 4000-6000 rpm

Excellent for grinding and honing on stone, marble, engineered stone, concrete, etc.
The specially designed spiral crosses the diamond signs thus ensuring perfect honing.
Recommended speed 4000-6000 rpm

DOKOYOH – Yellow
Recommended for finishing jobs on every kind of material. Ideal for chamfering on ceramic and glass materials.
Recommended speed 4000-6000 rpm

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