For shaping end edges on soft and postformed panels. Also for rounding over heavy PVC edging at corners. A manual profile depth adjustment enables work on symmetric and asymmetric soft and postformed panels. The router trimming unit is guided manually by bearing guide on cutter.


Workpiece thickness: 8 – 55 mm

Workpiece width: min. approx. 80 mm

Workpiece length: min. approx. 110 mm

Softforming profile depth: max. 50 mm

Edging thicknessmax. 4 mm (depending on the edge material)

Chamfer tool: Radius chamfer R 3

Electrical connection: 230 V/50 Hz/1 Ph

Air connection: 6 Bar

Dimensions: 740 x 460 x 500 mm

Net weight: 45 kg

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