One-sided automatic Edge Banding Machine for applying pre-glued edging to straight workpieces (Floor Model). The glue is re-melted by a hot air blower. Edging material of all types – i.e. PVC, ABS, melamine and natural wood veneers – can be applied from rolls or pre-cut lengths.


  • Machine table fitted with 13 feedrollers for better workpiece guidance

  • Edging feed-in synchronized with belt feeder

  • Digital adjustment of edging thickness

  • Pneumatically operated cut-off knife from roll material

  • Three pressure rollers

  • Belt feeding unit 0.25 kW; approx. 1250 mm long; feed speed approx. 6.0m/min.; 50mm wide feed belt consisting of thick, worksurface protective rubber. Digital display for thickness adjustment.

  • High output hot air blower with variable, electronic temperature control

  • Flush trimming unit for front-and back edge. Automatic setting from workpiece, cutting of suitable edging by pneumatic knife

  • Router units for flush trimming top and bottom edges with vertical feeler probes and horizontal guides. Reducing adjustments by digital readouts. 2 powerful 0.4 kW High frequency motors, variable from 4000 – 18000 RPM, 70 mm Ø cutters, 4 wing, Radius 2 mm/15° Central Extraction pipe 100 mm Ø, 2 swarf extraction hoods with hose Ø 60 mm

  • Automatic hight adjustment of top router with feed belt

  • Work table approx. 1800 mm long , Pull-out wide workpiece support bar, approx. 300 mm extendable

  • 800 mm Ø turntable (for reels)

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