Beading saw. The perfect compromise for accuracy toughness and maneuverability. Positive stops at 45, 30, 22 1/2 and 15 degrees on both sides of the rotation. A manual locking device for all the intermediate angles provides a great flexibility to this unit. The direct drive transmission and a powerful 1.75 HP induction motor make of the 1L 300 the ideal tool for heavy duty industrial usage.


  • Adjustable fences

  • Wood and aluminium saw blades

  • Angle positioning with mechanical stop at: 90° - 15°- 22° 30’-30°- 45° R.H. and L.H. side.

  • ON/OFF buttons on control handle. Motor brake

  • Quick release of saw guard for easy saw blade replacement.

  • Automatic re-engaging at first movement.

  • Ball bearing on swinging of saw arm for smooth and steady cutting action.

  • Ball bearing on rotation of table for easy and smooth angle positioning.

  • Strong back fence in aluminium extrusion, 60 mm high, with slides for the adjustable fence as an option.

  • Preset to receive front clamps.

  • Depth cut capacity, max. 120 mm.

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