Power-Up Your Job site or Workshop

SawGear ® is a simple and intuitive automated stop. No more using a tape measure or setting manual stops, which means you can produce more parts with increased accuracy. SawGear easily attaches to your existing saw, drill, and punch.



Simple and Intuitive Automation

SawGear® is a highly portable automated saw fence that removes the need to set and adjust manual fences for length positioning and complex miter/angle cutting. Using SawGear® in place of a manual fence or stop block allows the operator to increase accuracy and productivity, and decrease miscut parts and rework. A standard SawGear system can be mounted on any existing shop work bench. Adding SawGear’s portable tables to your order allows users to reap the benefits of automation on the job site.

With Crown+MiterPro™ software, SawGear® will easily calculate positions for angled or mitered parts. This makes hanging crown and baseboard a simple and math free process.

Any operator is your best operator with SawGear®!


Station Set Up Made Easy
Setting up your machine to cut accurate parts is one of the most time consuming activities in your shop. SawGear® takes stop setup time down to 0 and keeps your operator making parts and making you money.

No More Rework
With SawGear® you can forget inaccurate parts and rework. You get it right the first time!

Ahead of Schedule
Not only do you get a better quality job, your guys get more done in the same hours… every day.

Highly Portable
SawGear is designed so you can throw it in your truck and take it to the job site with ease. Simply add SawGear’s portable in-feed and out-feed tables to your order.

Simple to Use
SawGear® is designed for simplicity. Why spend weeks training operators when they can be cutting accurately with SawGear® today?

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