The Sector was the very first portable stone router in the world. Ghines invented this pioneering portable router which revolutionized the fab shops and opened the way to create perfectly shaped edges.

Since then generations of fabricators all over the world finally could shape granite and marble worktops according to their clients’ preferences.

Since 1981, despite the manifold copies on the market, our machine remains the preferred choice of small and medium sized fab shops due to the high quality materials and components, the high reliability and long lasting durability.



The three different tool rotation speeds can be set through the S1S2 and S3 push buttons:

Max. speed (10000 rpm):
Stock removal and finishing of natural materials (marble, granite…)

Intermediate speed (6000 rpm):
Stock removal and finishing of any type of synthetic material

Min. speed (2600 rpm):
Polishing of both natural and synthetic materials by Ghines polishing wheels


allows to exploit the properties of every single tool to their maximum and to process any material (engineered stone or synthetic materials require an intermediate speed to avoid to burn the resin bonded components).
The shaping and polishing process is executed in 4 to 7 steps, according to the kind of material and is the same for both, “simple” profiles (full bullnose, bird’s beak etc) as well as “complex” ones (Q, O etc), therefore one can offer different profiles at nearly the same cost.

Universal supply tension

Even if equipped with a three phase motor, the SECTOR TRIPLESPEED electronic portable stone router requires only single phase 230V/50-60Hz power, therefore it can be plugged into any standard single phase outlets.

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